Characters – Android

By default when you first start a script you will be given two characters, Me and Them.


These are all the characters that you need to record a script, though with version 6 you now have the ability to create more characters.

When you create a new character it will add to the list here. Note the character with the gold star.  This represents your character. If you don’t have a character that has a gold star, then the play options on the play screen won’t know which lines to replace with a gap. You can change your character just by pressing on the stars.

You create a new character by typing the character name and pressing Add character. Once you have done that you can add more information, such as the cast member name, and also change the image on the Character screen which you get to by selecting a character.

The character screen looks like this.

One final option you have is to move all of the lines for a certain character to another character. This is particularly useful when you have imported a script which had characters that didn’t match up. With one press you can move all of the imported characters to your characters. To do this you select the character to whom you want to give the lines, and press the Give lines button.

If you need to delete a character just swipe it from right to left to delete on the characters screen.

Change pitch

You can change the pitch of the character by pressing either the HIGH or LOW buttons to give that character either a higher or lower pitch than was recorded.














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