By default when you first start a script you will be given two characters, Me and Them.


These are all the characters that you need to record a script, though with version 6 you now have the ability to create more characters. When you select a character the options open up as shown here.


This allows you to change the name of the character, put in the person who is playing that part, and select an icon for them. You can even put in a photo of the person if you want to, using the camera button.


The star next to the character denotes which character is yours. Your character will have a gold star. It is important that at least one of the characters is selected as you. This is done by pressing the star to turn it gold, and pressing it again to turn it grey.

One final option you have is to move all of the lines for a certain character to another character. This is particularly useful when you have imported a script which had characters that didn’t match up. With one press you can move all of the imported characters to your characters. To do this you select the character to whom you want to give the lines, and press the Give lines button.

If you need to delete a character just swipe it from right to left to delete.

Changing Pitch

To change the pitch of a character you slide the slider that is next to the Change pitch tag. Moving it left will lower the pitch and right will increase the pitch.













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