Days and Scenes


If you are working on a film then you may wish to split your script up by the days on which you are filming. In this case on the Script screen menu you can set ‘Split script by filming days’ to green to enable this.

Then, when you press on the Days button you will see the Days screen as follows.


At the top of the page you can rename the currently selected day, and also add in a new day (which will create an empty scene in it for you). You select a day by clicking on it, and can drill down to the scenes by pressing the info button.

At the top of the screen you can also select to Show days/Show scenes, and you can enable Copy/Move.

If you turn on the Copy/Move it allows you to move and copy the days. It changes the days in the list to appear like this.


You move the day by dragging on the three horizontal lines at the end, and make a copy of the day by pressing the copy button next to it.

There is also a delete option here to delete a day by selecting the delete symbol on the left, but delete is also available when move/copy is off by swiping to the left on a line.

The Show scenes option reveals which scenes are in a day as shown here.


In this case there is one scene in each day, Scene 2 (in Day 1) has 10 lines in it, and the scene in Day 2 doesn’t have any lines yet. If you select move/copy when show scenes is on then you can move the scenes between days. Note that a day always must have at least one scene in it, so if you move or delete the last scene from a day then a new empty one will be added.

If you select the info button on a scene it will take you to the scenes page for all of the scenes in that day.

There are no menu options for Days

To delete a scene from the Day just swipe from right to left on the scene and press delete.


The scenes list is quite similar to the days list.  It shows all of the scenes that are in the currently selected day. At the top you have the rename scene and add scene options as you have with days.

It also has the same options at the top of the screen that are available in the Days list, though in this case Show scenes is replaced by Show lines.

It also does have a menu option, as seen here.


This is the Renumber lines in Scenes button. If you press this button then all of the lines in the current scene that have not been renamed by you (i.e. that are still called Line X) will be renumbered starting from 1. This can be useful if you have done a lot of editing of your lines.

When you have Show lines turned on the lines will look like this


You can then click on a line to edit that line, or on the stage direction to edit that.

To delete a scene, select the Show Scenes option and then swipe from right to left on the scene.













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