FAQ – LineLearner for Android

Current versions

What is the latest version of LineLearner for Android?

The latest version of LineLearner is version

Known Bugs

I am not currently aware of any bugs in the app. If you do experience crashes of the app please let me know so that I can fix it.

General questions

The recording is very quiet

On some Samsung and Google phones and potentially others too and potentially other phones the default audio format records at a low level. This can be corrected by switching High volume audio ON, on the recording menu and switching High Quality Audio OFF

Where is the settings screen?

The settings that were on the settings screen are now split across the menus on each screen. The options for each menu are the ones relevant for each screen.

How do I learn monologues?

For monologues I would recommend splitting the script up into separate chunks of Your lines at natural breaks.  Then when you are learning the script you can use the A-B repeat loop functionality on the playback screen to learn small chunks at a time. You can build the number of chunks that you include in the repeat up until you are familiar with the whole monologue.

Editing the script

How do I delete a script/day/scene/line?

The delete action to delete anything in a list is to swipe on the item from right to left or visa versa.  So, to delete a script swipe from right to left on the script in the script list, Likewise a day and scene can be deleted in the script screen if you are on the day or scene screens. You can delete a line by swiping right to left on a line either on the scene list screen or on the recording screen. On the recording screen swipe to delete has to be turned on in the menu.

I can’t find where to change the line name or change whose line it is.

The line edit screen is available when you click on the arrow in the circle on the scenes page.  This is reached by drilling down under the Script tab. Select the ( i ) by the script name, and then click Scenes (or Days if you have days turned on, and then the scene) and then on the scenes page you need to press the Show lines button (which will change to Show scenes when you have pressed it).

How do I move scenes/days?

You can swap scenes around on either the scenes page (if you have show Lines turned off), or on the days page (if you have show Scenes turned on). You can swap days around on the days page if you have show Scenes turned off.

On some devices it doesn’t always grab the line immediately when you press on the three lines. In this case try moving your finger up and down while pressing on the three lines and it will normally start moving correctly.

How do I delete a scene?

There are two options depending on whether you have split script by days turned on or off.

If you don’t have your script split by days.

  1. Goto the script tab
  2. Press the > for the script
  3. Press the Scenes button
  4. Make sure that Show Lines is turned off in the menu on the Scenes page
  5. Swipe left to delete the scene.

If you do have the script split by days.

  1. Goto the script tab
  2. Press the > for the script
  3. Press the Days button
  4. Make sure that Show Scenes is turned on in the menu on the Days page
  5. Swipe left to delete the scene.

How do I delete a line?

You can delete a line in two places.

On the Recording screen as follows

  1. Open the menu
  2. Make sure Swipe to delete is ON (then close the menu)
  3. Swipe on a line from right to left to delete it

On the scenes screen

  1. Open the menu
  2. Make sure Show lines is ON (then close the menu)
  3. Swipe on a line from right to left to delete it

How do I change what I hear on playback?

The playback options are now in the menu on the play screen. As you select the different options from the Play and Order selection, and the Pause and Recap switches you will see the image change below, which shows you what you will hear.

For example, to hear just your lines and their lines you should have

  • What to do with my lines set to “Play them
  • Order of line and gap will be disabled as that doesn’t have any affect
  • Pause after gap will have no affect
  • Recap my lines only should be off.

You will then see an image with a green my lines and a blue their lines.

If you play around with the buttons you will soon get a feel for it.

I have recorded my scenes in separate scripts – How do I join them together?

If you have each scene in a separate script then you can export the scripts (other than the one you want as the main one) and then import them again into linelearner and select to import them into an existing script. This will then add them to the bottom of that scene.

After you have done that it will probably have created duplicate characters, as it matches by a hidden id rather than name. Either you can leave them duplicated, or you can go to the character page and use the move lines to another character functionality to give all of the lines to just a single character of each name.

How do I change the character for a line?

If you have recorded all of the lines as “me” and “them”, then later you may want to add in the correct character names, and change the lines you have recorded to those characters.

To assign lines from ‘them’ to an individual user you need to do the following.

1. Go to the script list screen
2. Select the script and press the >
3. Press the Scenes button
4. Press the line that you want to assign to a different character.
5. On this screen there will be a Change character for line, and you just need to press the new character.

You can then repeat 4 and 5.

If most of the lines are going to go to a single character then it may be easiest to move all of the ‘them’ lines to that character, and then move the other ones away.  To do this you

At step 3, Press the Characters button instead of the Scenes button
4. Select the ‘them’ character
5. Where it says ‘Give lines to’ press the character that you want to give all of their lines to.

Then go back to step 3 of the first set of instructions to move the other lines.

Importing & Exporting

How do I access the import script screen?

When you select a script in your email/google+/dropbox etc and choose to open it in LineLearner it will automatically take you to the import screens.

Why did my script duplicate when I imported it rather than over write my lines?

When you import a script it can only over write lines if it knows that they are the same. This works if you record a script, and then share it with a friend, who records their lines and sends it back.  Then their lines will replace the ones you recorded. If you both recorded it separately then you need to use the manual import to select which lines are replaced with which.

The exported script is too large to email

You have a couple of options here. Either you can use a file sharing site such as DropBox or Google+, both of which are free, or you can export the script in chunks, broken up by scene.


How do I load a PDF of my script?

Go to the location of your PDF (email/Google+/Dropbox/etc) and select to open it in LineLearner. When you have done this the Show PDF option in the menu should be enabled.

Note: If you are using Google drive to import the PDF file you need to fully shut down LineLearner before importing the file. Google drive may also switch the script after importing to the first script in the list.

How do I view my PDF?

The PDF is only visible from the Play and Record screens. To view the PDF select Show PDF from the menu.

I can’t see the PDF!

Some devices are unable to view the PDF (or render it incorrectly/partially). If you have one of these devices then please get in touch, and I will work with you to see if I can find a fix.


There is no sound?

On some Samsung S3 devices some people have experienced no sound. This was a device wide fault and affected all apps, and could be reset by restarting the phone.

On some HTC devices they do not support the full set of Android audio standards. If you find you cannot hear any audio then there is a setting on the Record menu to use the old audio format. If you turn this on it should work without issue.