Importing PDF

With LineLearner you are able to load a PDF copy of the script into the app for reference while you are learning your lines.

Once it is loaded you can view the PDF by selecting the Show PDF option on either the Record or Playback menus.

Note that the importing of the PDF won’t automatically create the lines for you etc. If you would like to know more about why that is I explain it here.

Importing into Android

In this example I am importing from Google drive, but the instructions are pretty much the same despite where you are importing from.

  1. In Google drive click on the PDF
  2. Select Open withImport1
  3. Select LineLearner PDF Import (this may be truncated to LineLearner … if you have a small screen)Import2
  4. PDF gets imported and can then be viewed in the current Script by selecting Show PDF from the menus on the play and record screens