Play on Android

The Play screen is where you really learn you lines.

When you are playing back you lines it will look like this.

You can see the lines that you recorded previously listed, along with the play and prompt buttons.

If you press the play button it will start playing your lines, and will change to a pause button like this.

You use this button to stop the playback of the lines.

When you hit play it will cycle through the lines depending on the settings that you have selected in the menu.

The prompt button will play the line that you are on again.  This is designed for when you have your lines turned off, so that you can be prompted if you forget your line.

Menu options

The menu on the play screen is the most complex, and provides a wealth of options.


The first option is the Loop option. This allows you to choose how many of your lines you want to play. Most of the options are fairly straight forward, with the possible exception of A-B on the end.

This allows you to do A-B repeat on the lines. If you look in detail at an individual line


you will see that it has an A – B on it. If you press the A or B they will initially turn red.  This means that they are set, but the A – B pair is not yet valid. Once you have set the second one then they should both turn green. The B needs to be after the A for them to be valid. If you then select A-B as the loop option on the menu it will then loop between the A and the B lines in the script.

Selecting what to play

The next four options select what you are going to hear played back. In order to make all of the combinations easier to understand when you make a change to the options it will also change the image below them so that you can see the effect of your selection.

It is recommended that you start off by having What to do with my lines set to ‘Play them‘, and then you will hear your lines followed by the lines of the other actors. Once you are more confident you can set it to ‘Both‘, and choose to either hear the line and then repeat it (‘Line – Gap‘ on the Order selection), or have a go at the line and then check it (‘Gap – Line‘ on the Order selection).

Pause after gap will stop playback after one of the gaps of your lines until you are happy to move on, at which point you just press play again.

Recap my lines only will turn off everyones lines except yours, but you can still hear the stage direction if it is on.

Gap size

This slider will increase the amount of time which you have to recall your line during the gap.

Play stage direction

This will enable to disable the stage direction. When it is enabled you will hear the stage direction  played back.  When it is disabled it will be skipped.

Show PDF

Will display the PDF file of the script over the top of the lines.




















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