Recording on Android

The record screen is where you really start with the app.  Here you record all of your lines, as well as the lines of the other actors who are near you.

The default record buttons are like this:

And when you press them they toggle into their recording mode. To stop recording you either press the same button again, or press the other button, which will stop recording that line and start recording the next.

As you record lines they will appear in the scene as shown here.


In this case I have already set up a couple of characters in the character list of the script, so it puts in the correct image and name. If you have not set up any characters then it will just put in Me and Them with default images.

The bar on the right is the recording volume.

When you stop recording the selected line will appear as follows


giving you the option to hear the line by pressing the play button, or re-record it by pressing the microphone button.

To insert a line, just select the line above where you want the new line to be inserted and start recording.

Recording multiple actors

If you have multiple actors in your scene, then you can now assign individual lines to actors (instead of as before just have all other actors as them). This is particularly useful if you are sharing scripts, as that means that when you receive a script you just need to go to the Character screen and select which character you are and it will then know which lines to miss etc.

You can set this up in two ways, either by recording all the lines as normal using the ‘Record Me’ and ‘Record Them’ buttons, or you can record lines to the correct actor at record time. To do this first you need to set up the characters on the Character screen which you get to from the Script screen, and then on the Record screen turn on ‘Record multiple actors’ on the menu.

You will then see something like the following instead of the two record buttons.


To record lines for the appropriate character you just click on the character to turn on recording, and then either click on them again to stop, or click another character. The list will scroll left to right to give access to all the characters, but you can rearrange the order on the character screen so that the characters that you want to record together are close, or move them for each scene you record.

Scene and Day breaks

To record a new scene you press the ‘New Scene’ button as below,


and if you have splitting of the script by days enabled then you can press the ‘New Day’ button to create a new scene in a new day. This button will appear next to the ‘New Scene’ button if enabled.


If you want to split a current scene into two scripts, then open the recording menu, and turn on the “Insert scene at location” button. Then select the line before where you wanted the new scene and press the new scene buttons.

Recording stage direction

If you have recording of stage direction turned on, then you can record stage direction as well, by pressing the Stage direction button


Which will appear in the script like this.


Record menu

The record menu looks like this


The menu gives you the following options

  • Allow swipe to delete means that you can delete a line by swiping from right to left.
  • Record stage direction – as discussed above
  • Show multiple actors – as discussed above
  • Show PDF will replace the lines with a PDF of the script if you have one loaded. You will still have access to the recording buttons, so you can record as you read the script.
  • High quality audio – changes the quality of the audio. Higher quality sounds better, but takes up more space on the phone, and is bigger if you are sharing the script with other actors
  • Insert scene at location. This option allows you to insert a scene in the middle of a group of lines, rather than at the end. It can be useful if you forgot to make a scene break when you were recording.


























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