Recording lines in other voices

LineLearner is effective when the voices are recorded by the people who will be performing the lines. There are two ways in which this can be accomplished.

Firstly you can record the lines with everyone present. Either using LineLearner, and swapping around as you record, or by using ScriptRecorder, which allows you to record all the audio in one chunk and then split it up later.

If however you cannot get everyone present to record the lines then there is another way you can do it using LineLearner as follows:

  1. Record the whole script as normal.
  2. Export the script using the Share Script button on the Script page, and share it with the other users. There is a video of how to import and export video here and instructions here.
  3. Once the other cast members have the script they can go to the Record page, and select one of their lines. Then press the record button on the line to re-record it in their voice.
  4. After all of the lines have been recorded they can then export the script and share it back to you. They can either export the whole script, or just their character.
  5. Once you have received their script back you can import it into your script, either importing the whole script or just a single character. Note, if you are importing the whole script it will overwrite any other characters you have imported.

That’s it. You now have a script with all of the voices recorded by their own characters.