Script List

The script tab starts off with a list of the scripts that you have available.

The current script is highlighted in blue, and also can be seen at the top of the screen on the menu bar.

To change script you just select the script that you want .

To create a new script you type in the name of the new script at the top in the new script name box, and press the Create Script button

To delete a script swipe from right to left on the script you want to delete and then press the red button to delete.

To go to a script press the info button (i).

Script page

The script page contains four main buttons, and a rename script option, as seen here.


You can change the name of the script here by entering the new name of the script and pressing the Rename script button.

The top button with either say Scenes (as shown above) or Days if you had the ‘Split script by filming days’ option enabled.  This is the only option that is on the menu for this page.

The buttons have the following functions:

  • Scenes – This will take you to the scenes list, where you can edit, copy and re-order the scenes, and also move lines between scenes.
  • Days – The days list allows you to edit, copy and re-order the days, and allows you to move scenes between days. From this screen you can drill down further to the scenes list.
  • Characters – The characters button takes you to the characters editing screen. This allows you to add, edit and delete your characters, as well as move lines between them.
  • Share script – This allows you to share your script with others. It is also good to share it with yourself as a method of backing up the script.
  • Duplicate script – This will prompt you for a new script name, and will then make a copy of the current script as that name.













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