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New in  – To import a script from Google drive you now use the “Import from Google Drive” menu option on the Script List page.

Sharing the script helps others to learn their lines too, and can also help you. If you record a script, and then share it with one of your fellow actors they can just record their lines over the ones that your recorded for them, and then share it back.  When you import it back in it will replace their lines in your script with the ones that they recorded, making it better for you to learn from, as you actually have them reading their lines.

The script file that is shared will be called the same name as the script, but with a llz file extension.  This is a LineLearner script file, and can be loaded into LineLearner.

On the share script screen it will initially assume that you are sharing all characters and all scenes as below.

If you don’t need to share everything you can reduce the amount that you want to share by either selecting just some characters, just some scenes, or both. Remember that if you only select some characters it may not make much sense when they import it if they are missing half the lines.  But, if you are exporting just your lines to send back to someone then that makes sense.

To share just certain characters press Selected characters, and then select from the list of characters in your play the ones you want to share.

You will need to select at least one character in order to share.

For sharing scenes just select the Selected scenes option and pick the scenes from the list using the check boxes.

You will need at least one character and one scene selected in order to share.

When you have selected what you want to share press the Share button. This will create the file to be shared (progress can be seen on the progress bar at the bottom of the screen), and then you will be able to select how you want to share it. Examples of these would be Email, Google+ and Dropbox. Both of the latter two are free, and can be used to share scripts, or to backup your scripts, and have the advantage that they don’t have a size restriction like mail.

The menu bar contains the option Export for CD burning.

If you select this then the share button will change to an export to cd button. What will then be exported (or emailed) is a zip file that contains all of the audio files named in order that you can import into iTunes and burn onto a CD.

Android import from Dropbox

1) Open dropbox and select the script to import
2)  Select Open with… LineLearner script import
3) This will then switch to LineLearner and load the file. I have found that sometimes if LineLearner had not been previously opened then you may need to either open it before starting the import process, or run step 2 again. Once the script is loaded you then need to select how you want to import it.











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