Why doesn’t the PDF import create the lines?

PDF import was put in LineLearner so that you can record your lines from it, and then have it there for reference later on, but when using LineLearner you will find that you don’t actually refer to it much after initially recording your lines (I find I only refer to it if it turns out that I recorded a line incorrectly). Although it is possible to extract the lines from the PDF ( the actual results would be inconsistent, as the formats of different plays are different, and some are just photographs of scripts saved into PDF, and so wouldn’t work at all) I found when trying it that it actually stopped the lines being learnt.

The main way in which LineLearner works is similar to how a song gets stuck in your head after hearing it a few times. However a lot of this is because of the flow/rhythm of the lines, I and found that when the lines are being read by the computer you don’t get this. Having the feature to allow the computer to read the lines from the script in there is therefore counter productive, as although it saves time at first (saving the initial read through) it actually prevents you from learning the lines as well.

By recording your script and hearing it repeated you should find that before long you can say it along with the recording, and then after a bit you can turn off your voice and say your lines in the gaps.

So, once you have read in the script once, you will probably find that you only look at the phone when you are starting or stopping playback, and you don’t read from it at all. If you have the text there, then your brain is concentrating on reading the lines, and that actually stops you from learning it, which you get when you just hear it.

One alternative that I had would be to get the computer to read it, but again, what a computer won’t be able to do is to put the emphasis in the right place, and that emphasis, and the way that the language of the script flows is what helps you to learn it.